Our Family Portrait is magnificent! Our portrait isn't just a picture of what each of us looks like - it's a true reflection of our personalities and a true work of art. I can't imagine more beautiful artwork to decorate our home with. I especially love how the clothing you've chosen blends together without looking like a family uniform. Thanks for going the extra mile, your service is second to none! Barb and Riley Lochridge, Hudson, OH
"Rebecca had so much fun playing with Jamie I don't even think she realized she was being photographed. It always seems hard to justify the cost until you see the final product, a true treasure!"
David and MaryJane Rapport, Gainesville, FL
"I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled we are with our portrait. Your talent is truly a gift from God and I am so pleased that you could share it with us. You took our most precious treasure and captured it in a thousand words. Once in awhile, your dreams actually come true. A moment in time created by you-a lifetime of gratitude."
Gary and Karen Wimer, Medina, OH
"Our Family Portrait is priceless. Jeffrey's use of color, location, posing, and symbolism resulted in a portrait that speaks directly to our hearts! He is truly a gifted artist. The girls and I only wish we had done this while my husband was still alive..."
Tonya Epps, Akron, OH
"We were considering commissioning a painting but when we saw the image Jeffery created of my daughter and me peacefully floating on the pond, we loved it! The portrait is the centerpiece of our new great room. It is truly a work of art."
Chuck and Jolee Farro, Richfield, OH
Our Family Portraits are incredible! We often receive compliments on how beautiful they are. They serve as a constant reminder to us of just how special "family" is in our lives."
Dr. Rob and Patty Kamienski, Akron, OH
"Our expectations for a portrait of our new child were so high, we didn't know if anyone could capture just what we were looking for in a portrait. Jeffrey's techniques produced glorious results. You have frozen the essence of our son by capturing his innocence and emerging personality. We couldn't be more pleased!"
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Michalko, Hinkley, OH
"Thanks for making the whole process so fun and convenient. We especially love that you did the photography in our own home, it really makes the portrait much more meaningful to us."
Dan and Laurie Zarkovacki, Bath, OH
"We had no idea that these portraits would mean so much to us. Our daughter has left the country for a year as an exchange student and these portraits are a touching reminder of the wonderful times we've had in the past and will have again. It's hard to believe just how quickly they grow up. Thank you!"
Dr. Dan and Connie Cevasco, Westfield Center, OH
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