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Top portrait artist Jeffrey Brown is a graduate of the prestigious New York Institute of Photography. Together with his wife, Jamie, they own and operate INCOGNITO Portrait Design in Akron, Ohio.

With a passion for beauty and art in all its forms, Mr. Brown's desire is to create portraits which are a true reflection of the subject's personality. He often chooses to integrate his subjects into lyrical settings reminiscent of master Impressionist Painters.

As you can see, the results are truly spectacular! Most of the Brown's clients proudly display wonderful portraits as custom wall decor in their homes. The finished portraits are so alive with warmth, personality, depth and dimension that they are often mistaken for paintings.

Mr. Brown credits such master artistic visionaries as Monet and Renoir with heavily influencing his own impressionistic style. Others believe it is Jeffrey's own artistic vision that has led to the tremendous response to their "Portrait Art" style of photography.

Like a beautiful and inspirational piece of music a fine portrait can instantly evoke the feelings of love and harmony which a mother and child or family ideally represent. On the deepest level, the portrait celebrates those feelings of love, respect and appreciation families share but which often lack a voice to express and sing out. The art is in bringing forth all these elements so that they ring brilliantly for all who see these images to experience and share. Portrait photography by INCOGNITO is simply magnificent!

The Brown's have traveled extensively creating this unique style of portraiture. They've been commissioned to photograph clients as far away as Florida, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, the Bahamas and even portraits on the island of Jamaica! Their expert blending of photography as an art form, with their client's lifestyle, tastes and desires inspires them to create exceptionally beautiful and personal works of art for their exclusive clientele.

The Browns have established themselves not only as a gifted artistic team but also as skilled teachers and public speakers. They have lectured to photographers from around the country. They are available for limited Portrait and Wedding commissions.

2010 has seen the Browns move into their fabulous new studio space. A New York style loft, the studio is the perfect balance between upscale gallery and incredible shooting space. The new space has been providing terrific new opportunities to create the types of sets they've always wanted but simply didn't have the room for. "Now we can create the type of studio portraits which will rival the location work we've become so well known for." says Jamie.

Call Jamie today for a tour of their fantastic new studio and to chat about the possibility of creating beautiful portraits of you and your family.

The possibilities are Endless...

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